Bookham Youth Centre News

Centre News from David Cox.

Our landlords, Surrey County Council, have extended the lease of the Centre to 31st August 2019.

It is likely that centre will be CLOSED at this time as the building is old and the costs of bringing it up to modern standards will be extensive. It is easier to build a new one.


In the Summer publication being distributed (September 2018) Cllr Elizabeth Daly (South Bookham) states that the Centre “needs to be rebuilt because of asbestos.”

Unfortunately this statement is incorrect. As this may be cause for concern amongst existing & potential users, we wish to make it clear that there are NO SAFETY ISSUES with asbestos.

If there was any safety issue to do with asbestos SCC would close the centre immediately rather than extend the lease.

Potential replacement centre on site

In the meantime, SCC are drawing up plans to provide a new youth orientated community facility on the site. This is not guaranteed at this stage as various financial & planning approvals will be required.

Once there is more definitive news we will ensure the community is made aware.