Highways and Footpaths

Michael Agius

As previously reported, Surrey County Council (SCC) has developed a programme of major road repairs called Project Horizon. Unfortunately, as a result of funding cuts, this programme is slipping and the resurfacing of Eastwick Drive is not now included in the 2017/2018 programme.
The resurfacing of other roads in the programme i.e. Crabtree Lane, Little Bookham Street, Meadow Way/The Copse (Eastwick Drive to The Copse), Willow Vale (The Copse to the end) will also be delayed. It should be noted that Little Bookham Street will require considerable investigation and resolution of drainage problems over most of its length, before resurfacing can be carried out. Details are given in the drainage report.
Under ITS funding design will be carried out this year of schemes to provide kerb build outs and crossing ramps at the entrances to the Eastwick Schools on Eastwick Drive and Eastwick Park Avenue, in order to control parking and make safer crossing points.
The BRA continue to be in discussions with SCC for the need for improvements to Rectory Lane, to provide a footway on the east side of the road from The Grange south to the A246 and widening of the carriageway to a consistent width but implementation is dependent on land being acquired from the fields east of the road as well as a fairly large amount of funding becoming available for construction. In the meantime Gracewell, who own the new care home on the old Preston Cross Hotel site, have constructed a new west side footway north from The Grange to Lower Road at BRA’s suggestion, as shown In the photo.
As a general safety measure SCC Highways have repainted the road markings at The Squareabout at BRA’s request. These had become somewhat faded. This resulted in certain drivers not realising that all approaches to the junction are subject to Give Way

As reported in the last Newsletter, after many years of lobbying by BRA, in conjunction with Effingham Parish Council (EPC), SCC had at long last imposed parking restrictions, with the requisite double yellow lines, on Lower Road at the bends between The Vineries and The Howard of Effingham School.
Whilst this improved visibility around the bends, it was still somewhat impaired by tall vegetation in the verge on the inside of the bends. Following further lobbying by BRA, EPC eventually received SCC approval to remove the vegetation. The dramatically improved visibility around the bend is shown on the photo.


Proctor Gardens – Chilmans Drive Footpath

This footpath became very overgrown with nettles and vegetation and was impeding access. This is a regularly used footpath and a request was made by the BRA for it to be cleared. Surrey County Council are responsible for the maintenance of this footpath and the feedback from SCC is with the current financial constrains within the Countryside Access budget that resources are not available for this work. Therefore Michael Agius from the BRA and Mr McKenzie from Sheridan Road joined forces and cleared the vegetation with their strimmers. Another example of volunteers working for the betterment of the village. If a footpath near you is getting overgrown then take the initiative and cut if back!


If you have any highways problems near you, the best way to report it is to go to www.surreycc.gov.uk and use ‘Report It’, or phone 0300 200 1003.