Flood Forum


Michael Agius

Despite the fact that it has been a generally dry year and drainage around the village has not been too much of a problem, BRA continues to try and resolve the villages’ many historical drainage problems through the Bookham Flood Forum, along with SCC Highways (SCC), Thames Water (TW) and the Bookham Flood Action Group.

In Little Bookham Street TW completed relaying the blocked 150mm surface water drain between Childs Hall Road and Bennett Farm Place which had been started earlier in the year. As the road narrows considerably at that point, this necessitated closing a short section of the road for just over a week and operating traffic diversions. The collapsed and blocked lengths of drain previously identified by TW south of this section up to Lower Road have still not been carried out and pressure will be put on TW through the Flood Forum to urgently programme the remaining work. As mentioned in the Roads Report, all these drainage problems need to be resolved before re-surfacing of LBS can take place under Project Horizon.

At the Lower Road between East Street and the Squareabout, SCC Highways have carried out jetting of the newly found drain alongside the church wall but have still not completed further investigations and unblocking/relaying of the gully connections under the road which have been discussed in great detail in recent issues of the Newsletter. The fact that problems in the area have yet to be finally resolved is disappointing and BRA will continue to put pressure on SCC to complete the work through the Flood Forum.

Proposals for drainage improvements at the Dorking Road junction with the Polesden Lacey access road have been finalised and as long as funds are not used elsewhere in an emergency, work has been programmed for early 2018 at the request of the National Trust when the access road is not so busy.

One area where progress has been made during the summer is on the line of the ditch between the Lower Road Recreational Ground and Little Bookham Common, where it ran into an under capacity culvert at three houses in Sole Farm Avenue, the cause of frequent flooding, Here one of the house owners arranged and paid for the under capacity
300mm culvert to be replaced by a 450mm pipe, with the financial help of two residents in Little Bookham Street who were constantly affected by flooding. The enlarged pipe more than doubled the capacity of the culvert.

Other areas still under consideration but affected by lack of funding are:

  • the central area of Bookham from the High Street/East Street to The Park/Mill Close, where a study is proposed,subject to finding funding
  • the footpath from Greenacres to The Park where the outfall is blocked and has no adequate outfall.
  • Kennel Lane/The Glade where there are root blockages in the main outfall to Fetcham