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Petition to Surrey County Council to Provide Funding to Resolve Squareabout Flooding

Les Huett – BRA Publicity

Are you getting fed up with the flooding that occurs on a regular basis at the Squareabout and the hazard issues the flooding causes?

Despite the best efforts of the Bookham Flood Forum very little progress has been made. To raise the profile of this issue the BRA is petitioning Surrey County Council to provide funding to complete the investigation work and implementation of a drainage scheme.

We are urging all Bookham residents to sign the on line petition so the issue is raised to the SCC Cabinet for review and resolution.

The petition runs until 14th July 2018.

Please click here or on the image below to go the SCC web site and sign the petition.   

Full wording of the petition:

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to provide immediate funding to allow completion of investigations and the implementation of a drainage scheme that resolves the persistent major flooding and subsequent hazard issues in central Bookham.

This issue has affected Bookham residents for many years and despite constant promises from SCC there has been no resolution of the flooding issue that occurs at the junction of Lower Road, High Street, East Street and Church Road every time there is heavy rain.

When these roads are flooded there is no access for pedestrians trying to reach the High Street and bus stops. Pedestrians brave enough to try crossing the road, as there are no alternatives, cannot see the kerb edge or speed tables and hence there is a hazard issue.

With the poor state of the road surface drivers proceeding through the floodwater are unable to see any potholes below the water which can cause vehicle damage and is a serious hazard for cyclists.

Residents waiting at the bus stops on Lower Road get sodden due to the bow waves which come across the pavement created by passing traffic and similarly there is an accessibility issue for passengers when alighting from and catching bus services.

Due to the lack of suitable drainage this is a persistent major safety hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic and therefore requires resolution by SCC to stop further flooding and removal of the hazard.