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16th August

  • Planned power outage on 22nd August in Manor Lane and Rectory Lane

14th August

6th August

31st July 

  • Timetable for free shuttle bus on route 465 during Young Street closure

29th July

  • Reminder that the Putting the Great and Little back in Bookham petition closes on the 4th August.
  • The August Litter Pick is next Sunday, 5th August.

27th July

  • Young Street / Mole Bridge – 465 Bus route diversions.
  • UK Power Networks – Thunderstorms and Electricity Network Preparedness
  • War memorial refurbished

24th July

  • New 479 Bus timetable from 30th July
  • Update to the Mole Bridge / Young Street refurbishment

Mole Bridge Refurbishment A246 Young Street Fetcham commences on 1st August

465 Bus Diversions

Hawks Hill Free Shuttle Connecting with Service 465 in Leatherhead Town Centre

With the Young Street Closure bus service 465 will be diverted between Leatherhead town centre and Givons Grove via Leret Way, The Crescent and Dorking Road, not serving North Street, Bridge Street, Guildford Road/Hawks Hill and Young Street.

A free shuttle bus funded and arranged by Surrey County Council will be operated by Reptons Coaches (Tel: 01372 452330) Mondays to Saturdays 0700 to 1900 hrs between The Ridgeway and Leatherhead Station via the normal service 465 route, serving all stops. This will run approximately every 30 minutes.

Passengers for Chessington and Kingston should change to service 465 at Leatherhead Station forecourt. Passengers for Mickleham and Dorking should alight at Lidl (Stop R) and catch the 465 in Leret Way at stop U.

Passengers returning from Kingston, Chessington, Mickleham and Dorking should alight from the 465 at Leret Way and catch the shuttle at Stop S in North Street.

Bus services 408 and 478 will continue to operate as normal along Guildford Road/Hawks Hill.

Click here for the timetable

Update from SCC. The work will be starting on 1st August. A map of the diversions can also be seen on the SCC website:

Message from Surrey County Council:

Sarah J Smith – Partnership Committee Officer – Mole Valley and Reigate & Banstead

The essential refurbishment of Mole Bridge – Young Street is expected to take 8 weeks in total.  Some elements of the work will require a full road closure and include: replacing kerbs, carriageway and verge surfacing, waterproofing the concrete bridge deck, replacing the bridge expansion joints and refurbishment of bridge bearings (supports).

The waterproofing and joints must be completed continuously to avoid any joins.  This will prevent water and road salt ingress and ensures the decks durability. A road closure is also necessary for these kind of works to ensure a safe working environment for the operatives due to the narrow width of the carriageway.

The remainder of the repairs can be carried out under normal traffic management (without the need for a road closure) and consist of parapet refurbishment which are estimated to take 3 weeks.

These essential repairs to the bridge will prevent further deterioration and avoid more expensive and lengthy repairs in the future.

This scheme was originally planned to commence in April 2018 but was postponed until the summer when traffic volumes are reduced and schools are on holiday.  Whist we appreciate that Beech Avenue is closed for water mains replacement works at the same time it was considered preferable to carry out both works at the same time when the roads are quietest.

The proposal to make Chapel Lane one-way is intended to deter drivers from using Chapel Lane as an unofficial diversion route.  Several residents living along the road have highlighted this to us as a concern, stating that they have been unable to get out of their homes when traffic diverts off the A24.

Following consultation with the County Member and comments received from residents the following range of options are proposed as a contingency only in the event that Chapel Lane is used excessively as an unofficial diversion route whilst Young Street is closed.

  • One way closure southbound
  • One way closure northbound

(between Ranmore Common Road & Polesden Road)

We have also applied for a Full closure of Chapel Lane to be used if required.

If any of the options above are implemented two way traffic will always be maintained along Westhumble Street and Chapel Lane from the junction with A24 to the junction with Ranmore Common Rd and between Dorking Road from the junction with Chapel Lane to the junction A246 – Leatherhead Road.

We will also put additional weight restriction signs at each end of the road to reinforce this message and signs identifying this route as access only.

If the traffic situation does require implementation of any of the traffic order(s) additional advanced temporary signage will be displayed and operational staff will be stationed on site, and we will work with the local councillor to keep residents updated.

In addition ‘No Waiting’ traffic orders for Chalkpit Lane, Station Road and Ashcombe Road  have also been applied for as a contingency. These roads are part of the official diversion route and there is a potential for traffic to become congested along this section of the diversion route due to parked cars. If parked cars do cause congestion we will work with the local councillor to find a suitable solution and keep residents informed.

War Memorial Refurbished

The War Memorial in St Nicolas churchyard was erected after WW1 and now being 100 years old has become rather dilapidated. Peter Seaward, (BRA Chairman) and Arthur Field (BRA Projects Manager) took on the task of identifying suitable restoration companies,  dealing with Church Commissioners and MVDC to get the memorial restored to its former glory. The first stage of cleaning has been completed and stage two will be for the lettering to be restored.

Your Bookham Trees Need You!

During the last few years Bookham Tree Wardens supported by The Bookhams Residents’ Association have planted 130 new trees in village verges. The trees have been carefully selected not to grow too large and they need all the water they can get in this heatwave. Please help the trees flourish with a bucket of water, every day if possible.

Click here for more information on the varieties and where the trees are planted

The Tree Wardens have been working on improving the central shopping areas which involves both weed and branch clearance and some planting in conjunction with Mole Valley District Council. There is also a maintenance work list for trees around Bookham’s verges and improving sight lines. Dead or over-long branches will be pruned at various locations, and scruffy growth removed.

There is never enough money to do everything, but we believe that we have made a difference over the past few years, operating with funds from Councillor Clare Curran’s Surrey County Council Grant, and a small amount from the BRA when necessary.

Petition to Surrey County Council to Provide Funding to Resolve Squareabout Flooding

Les Huett – BRA Publicity

Thank you to everyone who has signed the BRA Petition.

This petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Local Committee (Mole Valley). This will be presented to the Local Committee on Wednesday 05 September 2018, which will be held in the council chamber at the officer of Mole Valley District Council in Pippbrook, Dorking. The Committee will consider the petition and the officer response at the meeting. You are more than welcome to attend and listen to the debate if you would like to.


Full wording of the petition:

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to provide immediate funding to allow completion of investigations and the implementation of a drainage scheme that resolves the persistent major flooding and subsequent hazard issues in central Bookham.

This issue has affected Bookham residents for many years and despite constant promises from SCC there has been no resolution of the flooding issue that occurs at the junction of Lower Road, High Street, East Street and Church Road every time there is heavy rain.

When these roads are flooded there is no access for pedestrians trying to reach the High Street and bus stops. Pedestrians brave enough to try crossing the road, as there are no alternatives, cannot see the kerb edge or speed tables and hence there is a hazard issue.

With the poor state of the road surface drivers proceeding through the floodwater are unable to see any potholes below the water which can cause vehicle damage and is a serious hazard for cyclists.

Residents waiting at the bus stops on Lower Road get sodden due to the bow waves which come across the pavement created by passing traffic and similarly there is an accessibility issue for passengers when alighting from and catching bus services.

Due to the lack of suitable drainage this is a persistent major safety hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic and therefore requires resolution by SCC to stop further flooding and removal of the hazard.

Spring 2018 Newsletter

The BRA Spring 2018 Newsletter is now available with articles on infrastructure, community, environment, local transport and leisure from around the village. Click on the image below to read on line. BRA Members will be receiving their printed copy from their Road Steward shortly.