Your Bookham Trees Need You!

During the last few years Bookham Tree Wardens supported by The Bookhams Residents’ Association have planted 130 new trees in village verges. The trees have been carefully selected not to grow too large and they need all the water they can get in this heatwave. Please help the trees flourish with a bucket of water, every day if possible.

Click here for more information on the varieties and where the trees are planted

The Tree Wardens have been working on improving the central shopping areas which involves both weed and branch clearance and some planting in conjunction with Mole Valley District Council. There is also a maintenance work list for trees around Bookham’s verges and improving sight lines. Dead or over-long branches will be pruned at various locations, and scruffy growth removed.

There is never enough money to do everything, but we believe that we have made a difference over the past few years, operating with funds from Councillor Clare Curran’s Surrey County Council Grant, and a small amount from the BRA when necessary.