Drainage Improvements on Dorking Road, Bookham

Michael Agius – BRA Vice Chairman 

Following years of pressure from the BRA, Surrey County Council Highways have recently carried out drainage improvements at the Dorking Road/Polesden Lacey access road/Chapel Lane junction. New kerbs have been placed from the Polesden Lacey access road around to Dorking Road where two large capacity gullies have been installed in a set back bay.  Theses will have far greater storage capacity than normal gullies and should considerably reduce the volume of water flowing down Dorking Road towards Bookham. In addition two new gullies have been installed on the Chapel Lane corner and two in  Admirals Road, between the field entrance and Dorking Road, to reduce flows from these directions. The Admirals Road bellmouth has been surfaced to reduce the amount of mud and stone being washed from the track and fields onto Dorking Road.