Executive Officers

Committee MembersResponsibilities
Michael AndersonPresident
Police; Norbury Park
Peter SeawardChairman and Director
Michael AgiusDeputy Chairman and Director.
Infrastructure; Environment
Andrew FreemanAdministration and Director
Chris PullanTreasurer and Director
John AllenMembership Secretary;
David Cox OBEEducation; Young People
Julia DickinsonEducation; Cycling
Frances FancourtPlanning Sub Committee
Tree Warden;
Arthur FieldPlanning Sub Committee; Projects Co-ordinator
Nicholas ForrerDeputy Secretary;
Minutes Secretary. Publicity – Noticeboards.
Keith FrancisTransport
John HowarthBusiness and Company Secretary
Michelle HudspithVice President;
Renee BothaChurches Together
Les HuettNewsletter; Newsletter Distribution; Publicity (On Line)
Stan MilesPlanning; Health; Emergencies
Ray PritchardWoodlands Road RA; Press releases (Look Local and Bookham Bulletin).
Clare CurranDirector and Surrey County Councillor
Simon EdgeDirector and Bookham Councillor
David SmithDirector; Bookham Retail & Business Association;
Planning Sub-committee;