Reminder: The MVDC Referendum on the Village / Parish Council for Bookham is on 4th May. Make sure your vote counts.
BRA Petition Against A Village/Parish Council: Results
During January a team of volunteers (at no cost and we are extremely grateful for their help) distributed a leaflet to 5,000 households in Bookham advising Residents on what they need to consider in the light of the MVDC Village Council Governance Review and asking Residents to support a petition against the creation of a Village or Parish Council. In the space of just two months residents have been supporting the petition and at the close of the petition on 13th March the results are:

E-petition: 1028
Paper petition: 664
Total: 1692
We would like to thank all those residents that supported the petition and to remind residents that in the May 4th referendum that they should confirm their opposition by voting against a Village/Parish Council.

Residents who are registered to vote by post will be receiving their voting slips around 20th April - approximately two weeks before polling day. Please ensure you return your voting slip in time.

Spring 2017 Newsletter
In this special edition of the Bookhams Residents’ Association Newsletter, which is being circulated to all households in Bookham, we provide residents with the important information they need to consider when casting their vote in the Mole Valley District Council referendum to be held on the 4th May.

We also report on the BRA Petition against a Village Council which so many of you have supported.

Other News
It’s not just about the referendum of course. There is a lot of village news as well. There is the AGM to be held on 18th May which all members are invited to attend; reports from the village on environment; infrastructure; recreation and community.
You can read the on line edition by clicking on the image below:

BRA Newsletter - Spring 2017

I live in Bookham with my wife and have children at the Dawnay. Over the last few months, myself and other Bookham residents have been frustrated by the bombardment of conflicting marketing about whether Bookham should have a village council or should stay as it is. Door drops, mailings, flyers, posters, handouts at the train station – it’s everywhere, but it is all one side or the other.

On 4th May we can vote whether we want a Village Council or not – but are you honestly clear on which way to vote; are you undecided like many other residents are? Are you not 100% about what a village council is and how it could be better; about how we currently operate and how that could be better? How might either option be better for us, be better for our children?

From conversations with other mums and dads in the area, clearly there’s a lot of frustration over the polarised views that have been put across in the marketing material. So enough is enough, it is time to get all these disputing representatives together for a proper debate, no more hiding behind printers – a two-way dialogue, a chance for us all to better understand the pros and cons so we can make an informed decision when it comes to that 4th May vote.

Come along on 27th April at the Old Barn Hall to hear the debate, to put your questions to the panel, to settle any uncertainties you may have and to leave feeling like you can put your vote to what you feel is best.