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Mole Valley District Council’s Local Plan (2018 -2033): Implications for Bookham

Peter Seaward – BRA Chairman

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Mole Valley District Council are reaching the end of their work on the next Local Plan. Called “Future Mole Valley” a policy (once completed) sets out plans for development across Mole Valley for the period 2018-2033, includes targets for delivering new homes, identify locations for development and sets out areas which will continue to be protected. This will become available for us all to comment on in late June 2019.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan for Bookham (NDP) which was the subject of a village referendum in May of 2017 will form part of this plan although which of its policies will be continued or cease to exist will be decided on by our Councillors and MVDC. Although subject to five years of hard work by many here in Bookham it is disappointing that policies expected to be taken into account by MVDC Planners have on occasions  been “trumped” by other planning policies.

The Council are charged by Government to build nearly 7,000 new dwellings throughout Mole Valley over the next fifteen years. This is an annual rate of over 400 dwellings compared with the present rate of around 190. If MVDC fail to convince the Government appointed Inspector that the new Local Plan is capable of achieving the required numbers then the Government can pass the responsibility to Inspectors or other bodies.
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Finally, we must reiterate that all the information facts presented here are those we in the BRA have deduced and may well be wrong but, in our opinion, we need to alert residents to the possibilities and make some estimates about and what the consequences for us all these might bring.

Further information on the Local Plan can be found on the MVDC website: https://www.molevalley.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=33905 

New Boundary Signs for Great and Little Bookham

A BRA initiative has been to identify the boundary between Great Bookham and Little Bookham. Instigated by Little Bookham resident Grant Woodham, Grant liaised with Surrey County Council to ensure that the new signs complied with Highways requirements and then arranged for their manufacture. Once the boundary was correctly identified a local contractor was employed for the installation. You will see the signs on the Lower Road and Little Bookham Street when crossing the boundary.

A big “Thank You” to Grant for his efforts in coordinating this project.

Refurbishment of Lower Shott Public Toilets

After lobbying of MVDC by Peter Seward, BRA Chairman, the public toilets in Lower Shott are to be refurbished. The works will include:

  • Steam clean all surfaces
  • Replace loose/missing tiles and re-grout wall and floor tiles
  • Repair and decoration of internal walls, ceilings, windows and door frames
  • Repair and refurbish external windows and door frames
  • Replacement of defective door locks
  • Plumbing uplift to cisterns and urinals
  • Replacement of paper dispensers
  • Check/replace PHS odour dispensers
  • Repairs and decoration of adjacent bus shelter which forms part of the WC structure 
  • Clean external lighting


Drainage Improvements on Dorking Road, Bookham

Michael Agius – BRA Vice Chairman 

Following years of pressure from the BRA, Surrey County Council Highways have recently carried out drainage improvements at the Dorking Road/Polesden Lacey access road/Chapel Lane junction. New kerbs have been placed from the Polesden Lacey access road around to Dorking Road where two large capacity gullies have been installed in a set back bay.  Theses will have far greater storage capacity than normal gullies and should considerably reduce the volume of water flowing down Dorking Road towards Bookham. In addition two new gullies have been installed on the Chapel Lane corner and two in  Admirals Road, between the field entrance and Dorking Road, to reduce flows from these directions. The Admirals Road bellmouth has been surfaced to reduce the amount of mud and stone being washed from the track and fields onto Dorking Road.


Effingham, Bookham and Fetcham Christmas Charity Post

Michael Agius – Chairman CCP

Thank you to everyone who made use of the Christmas Charity Post [CCP] again this year. Whilst the value of stamps sold was down about 6% on last year, we still sold £3,391 worth and delivered over 10,000 cards during December. A very good result.

Thanks again to the six Area Managers, their volunteers who sell stamps and deliver cards, as well as all the shops who sell stamps and act as posting points. Two thirds of all stamps are sold at local shops.

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One last thought. The Managing Committee and their helpers are all getting older and we could do with some young blood. If anyone reading this would be prepared to help in the run up to Christmas, please contact me on meagius@gmail.com.


Lost and Found Property

Amy Pullen – Surrey Police, Communications Officer

From Friday, 1 February 2019, police forces across the United Kingdom will limit the types of reports of found property made by members of the public at front counters and via 101.

This national move comes after discussions between police forces and the National Police Front Counters Forum (NPFCF). There is no statutory duty for police forces to maintain a system of recording non-evidential property (lost and found) and in a bid to reduce non-essential demand and associated costs and bureaucracy, a proposal to cease the recording of found property reports was approved by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC).

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For more information, please click here for the reporting assistant on our website for help with your found item. 


Investigation of Resident Engagement in Bookham

Hannah Causebrook 

I’m a Howard student doing an investigation into engagement in Bookham for my A-level coursework project. I would really appreciate it if anyone could complete this questionnaire, it shouldn’t take too long!

Click here for the link to questionnaire

Hannah has agreed to share the results of her resident engagement survey in the Spring edition of the BRA Newsletter. Should be an interesting article.  

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